dad's impala celebrates the second generation of classic rock and power chord blues. The guys place a high priority on vocal harmonies and instrumental textures. Production values is priority #1. We don't take shortcuts and we craft our sound for the rooms we're playing. We also play many songs not typically found on a "bar band" song list. See our PLAYLIST for more.

Pat Vaca dad's impala



Pat started playing at the tender age of 15 when he realized that the violin wasn't getting him any chicks. His plan worked brilliantly and he has been rocking ever since.



It only took Steve 44 years to work up the courage to join a band. His musical tastes range from Lyle Lovett to Joe Satriani and he's OK with that.



Rick's been rocking that instrument for over 30 years. His influences are Lemmy, Cliff, and Derek Smalls. In his spare time, Rick likes taking long walks in the forest to ponder life's unanswerable questions.

Dave Drums.jpg


He's an accomplished sage and studio drummer that has played in bands across the country. 

Just look at what some of the world’s best drummers have to say about Dave:


Stewart Copeland

“Dave Borginis? Never heard of him.”

Phil Collins


“Thank God for restraining orders!”

Neil Peart (RIP)


What started as a high school performance art requirement turned into a musical adventure.  Active in the local Sacramento-area music scene since his college days, Chris has played guitar in various groups with styles ranging from rock, pop, R&B, and jazz.

Chris also lends his sweet voice to the band’s harmonic blend and provides occasional comic relief during sessions.


Founder of dad's impla, John is working on his first solo record and looking for new bandmates in Wisconsin.