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Why We're Not A "Party Band"

We've got gig #1 under our belts. It was great fun. We have a ton of video, much of it we'll be sharing over the next few weeks on our social accounts.

We like to go out and watch bands when we're not playing in ours. It's a great way to see how these musicians interpret covers, hear an original song or two, and just basically do some comparisons to the stuff we do.

I have seen some truly amazing players in these bars, men and women with extraordinary voices, and pro-level talent. It's exciting and a bit humbling. I'm always working on getting better but some of these people are so far and away superior to me it is what it is.

You might wonder at how we arrive at the list of songs we perform for you. It's a collaborative process. We weigh several factors: degree of difficulty, potential audience reaction, things like that.

The decision was made to keep songs in the classic blues and rock genre, rather than playing numerous types of music. You've no doubt seen a "party band" or two in your life - they play the B-52's into Metallica into Earth, Wind and Fire. Not a knock on these groups - if you're playing a wedding you'd be expected to cover a wide swath of songs which have broad familiarity and appeal And many of these bands make a really good living doing it!

High society

Listened to their demo. It's good - just not us.

The decision was made by us to not go that route. When you see us you're going to hear what we advertise - "the second generation of classic rock and power chord blues." We hit it hard, but not too hard. We stay in a lane, so you know what to expect when you come out to see us.

We're adding songs to our list right now. And in 2018 you might hear some original songs I wrote for us. We're doing what we can with the time we have.

You're always welcome to make a request :)

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