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Break It Up, Shake It Up, Throw It Down

We've been doing this thing, practicing/rehearsing for a year and a month.

Sometimes we're all together, other times we make do with whoever can make it.

They are all so much better than I am, and that gives me some measure of comfort. That they are generous enough to carry me is a testament to their character. We know this band thing is for fun, sure. We have wives and lives and kids and day jobs and not much time for anything else.

But we found some time for this, and it's my favorite time of all.

Our first public performance is Friday night, December 1; the guys are not as much nervous as they are thorough: did we remember this, should we go over that, among other questions. I respect that. It shows they care about being professional.

We've hosted some pretty lit parties in our backyard, with a mixture of various players from the neighborhood We even got a visit once from the cops. They told me they enjoyed the end of the set, then asked "So, are you done?"

But we are the Backyardigans no more. Time to do it for real.

It's taken a year and a month to get here and it's going to feel like it will last 3 minutes. I'll remind myself to stop for a second Friday night and soak it in and savor it. Life is generally hard and frequently monotonous. It's these kind of firsts which break it up, shake it up, stir it up, throw it down.

We're ready.

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