Celebrating the second generation of classic rock and power chord blues

dad's impala was formed in this backyard at this party in 2016, featuring informal perfomances with a bunch of friends. That backyard jam was the genesis of forming a serious, commited group of players. Years of rehearsing and playing shows around the Sacrameto Valley have refined and matured dad's impala's syle and sound. We have created stability and a family vibe by understanding the brand is bigger than the individual ingredients. We have a roster of musicians available who perform as dad's impala, with a core of 4 original members, including founder John Scott. The band is constantly changing their playlist, adding and dropping songs to keep their performances fresh.

Some of the places we've performed

Not only do we have plenty of experience playing live, we've got the chops to perform technically well, too. We recently recorded songs at the state-of-the-art facilities at Cal State Chico.

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dad's impala

folsom CA

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